Fallen Kingdom Adventure Map (Minecraft Map Download)

Map Description: Fallen Kingdom
This is the first part of Captain’s musical Trilogy. The fallen Kingdom.

It is about a king and his kingdom. The kingdom was peaceful and was led by a great king. Until Herobrine let the mob prisoners escape to wreck havoc in the kingdom. Just to get his hands on the portal to dominate the world. The Kingdom Fell and the People who lived peacefully fled or got killed. The king is the one left as all of his guards died in battle. And you are the king. You’re the one who’s gonna play as the king

-Play as the king.
-Complete quest/request of the town’s people.
-Trade and get stuff with emeralds to Wizards and Blacksmiths.
-Play as the one in the music video.
-Find scattered emeralds in the kingdom to buy weapons and armor at the blacksmith

This is an adventure map - Version 1.8.0 – 1.8.6

Try not to do the following:
Don’t trade with civilians. Only at the wizard and blacksmith at the throne room.
Don’t go out of the kingdom(climb the hill)
Don’t go creative. Try to beat the map Fair and Square.

Take Back The Night – Play Here : http://www.planetminecraft.com/project/take-back-the-night-captainsparklez-musical-trilogy/

Find the pieces – Play Here : http://www.planetminecraft.com/project/find-the-pieces-3599657/

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